Get to know our artists: Rachel Rees

Mid-Day Overlook, Rahcel Rees, Oil on Canvas

Our newest addition to The Gallery is another female artist living right here in the Triad. Rachel Rees was raised in the western states of Montana, Arizona, and Utah, but ahs spent her adulthood in North Carolina. An avid gardener and photographer for many years, she has turned her skills as a digital artist to oil painting. Rachel creates landscapes and still lifes which are personal and poignant. At the beginning of a new painting, she often has no idea what will appear, but as she says, the colors and strokes speak and she goes with what she sees, bring out a finished painting with care and subtlety. Currently she is working on a series of meticulous Dutch-inspired florals.

Here is how she describes her works and her process in making these beautiful paintings.

The wonderful feeling of a brush full of paint as one pulls it across the canvas. Each stroke makes me tingle a bit. Some of the thrill is the purely physical sensation but added to the motion is the awareness that something is being created that has never existed before and I am its author. I am perfectly happy with the color, movement, and shapes on the canvas, whatever they are. And yet there is further thrill in seeing something emerge on the canvas – it speaks and calls for a color here or a stroke there and a flower or tree or cloud appears.

I am inspired by a new canvas, a smooth panel, a new brush, or a delicious color. Even a frame can urge me to paint, to fill it with that which should go within its borders. What arrives on the canvas comes from somewhere outside my consciousness, a combination of what I have seen, read, experiences, past or present. I enjoy studying the great painters of all eras and learn something new every time. Significant in my painting is my love all of gardening, the western landscapes of my childhood, and the southern landscapes of my present.

Expressing myself, expressing me in each painting is the object in the end. Did I transfer my thoughts, mood, feelings, and knowledge through the brush into the painting? Can they see what I saw? Can they feel what I felt? Was it an experience worth the time it took to study the painting? I hope the answer is yes.

We currently have five pieces by Rees on view, in addition to the Rilee and MacDonald works. Come by the gallery to see these paintings and maybe take one home with you. For more information, contact our curator at



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