Featured Art Work: Tree Tops


“Tree Tops” Sally Donnell Rilee, Oil on linen, 54″ x 56″, $2,500

Out of all of Sally Donnell Rilee‘s pieces that we have on view, Tree Tops stands alone. We have some works from her motion series (more on this series soon), the End of the Day series, and three of her water-lily paintings, but Tree Tops is not part of a grouping or series.

Tree Tops is different. First of all because of the subject matter- a landscape of tree tops from a view, is unique among the works we have. The motion series does strongly feature trees, but the focus is on the idea of capturing motion, not the trees seen in motion.

The palette is also deeper and darker than the other works. Midnight Lily’s has some dark shadows in it, but doesn’t have the extent of dark tones that Tree Tops has. Additionally, the focus of this piece is the darkness. In Midnight Lily’s, the shadows brighten the almost white lily pads. In Tree Tops, the highlights draw even more attention to the darkness of the landscape in the lower half of the work.

The perfect mix of statement yet also oddly soothing, this piece is a must see the next time you are downtown. For inquiries and more information, contact our curator, Taylor Curry, via email or phone at taylor@theviewonelm.com and (336) 274-1278.


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