What happens when we re-hang the Gallery

If you have been down to The View on Elm within the last year, you probably noticed that the art did not change that often. One of my responsibilities as curator is to make sure that the art rotates pretty regularly. We have already started this process with the current installation which includes twenty-one new paintings by three local artists.

You are probably wondering what will happen to the art that was hanging in the gallery when we bring in new work and that is a wonderful question. Since the work is for sale, if a piece has been purchased, it will go to its new home. If not sold, it will return to the artist.

Much of the work that was hanging in the gallery before August 1 has already returned to the artists. However, the Bill Firestone pieces are still here and this is your last opportunity to see them and add them to your collection.

Preview some of the pieces below, and if you are interested in any of them, please contact our curator, Taylor Curry, or stop by the gallery and talk to her. She can be reached via email (taylor@theviewonelm.com) and by phone (336-274-1278). We would love to help you expand your art collections with some of these incredible works.

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